Global Christianity Jean de Brébeuf
(1593 - 1649)
Global Christianity

Jesuit missionary to the Huron in what is now Canada; martyr.

Originally written in the Huron language by BreBeuf, this famous hymn was translated into English by Jesse Middleton

In 1625 Jean de Brébeuf was sent by the Society of Jesus to be a missionary in what is now Eastern Canada. One of the most effective persons to engage in evangelism to Native Americans, Brébeuf established several mission stations among the Huron. His goal was to convert Huron peoples to Christianity, and to do this he was willing to leave behind his own culture, comforts, and physical safety. Brébeuf wrote to his fellow Jesuits, warning them of the hardships they would face if they came to New France and advising them to stay home in France unless they were willing to adapt to the Huron way of life and even to die for their calling. Many Huron people were receptive to Brébeuf's preaching. In 1649 the Iroquois, long-term enemies of the Huron, tortured and killed Brébeuf. In 1930 Brébeuf and several other Jesuit martyrs were elevated to sainthood.

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