Era of Reform Philip Melanchthon
(1497 - 1560)
Era of Reform

German Lutheran humanist, author of the Augsburg Confession, and Lutheran reformer.

Philip Melanchthon
byLucas Cranach

Already a renowned scholar as a young man, Melanchthon taught beside Martin Luther at the University of Wittenberg. Originally appointed to teach Greek, Melanchthon later lectured in theology and several other disciplines. His textbook, the Loci Communes, continues to influence Lutheran theology to the present. Melanchthon also contributed to the institutional development of Lutheranism, through his authorship of the Augsburg Confession and other confessional writings, his preparation of forms of examination for ordinands, and instructions for visitations in Lutheran congregations. Along with several others he assisted in the preparation of Martin Luther's translation of the Bible into German. His differences with Luther and his views on certain matters, including the Holy Communion, have ever since been controversial among Lutherans. He anticipates many currents in later Lutheran life including Lutheran scholasticism and irenic approaches to Roman Catholicism.

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