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Tech Support

The Christian History Tutor is a program that employs open standards software development. We use only technologies that work independent of platform through the use of an internet browser. The program was developed for version 4.0 or higher of either the Netscape Navigator browser or Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The Java Self Test portions of the program comply with Sun Microsystems version 2.0 Java technology, which will allow the program to work on the vast majority of machines.

Technical notes for Macintosh users: Technical notes for Windows users:

The Christian History Tutor™ was tested on Macintosh iMacs, G3's, G4's and many older PowerPC Macintoshes.

To make sure the Self-Tests work properly, Please make sure you have the very latest Java Runtime Engine, available for free from Apple Computer's web site.

The Christian History Tutor™ was tested on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and the Windows Millennium edition operating systems.

The Self-Tests require the latest Java Runtime Engine, available from the Microsoft web site.