Global Christianity Mission Societies
Global Christianity

Protestant organizations to recruit and send missionaries around the world.

Early Protestant missionaries were sent from communities of Pietism and Moravianism. The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG), an arm of the Church of England, was founded in 1701 to strengthen England's religious influence in the colonies as well as among Native Americans and African slaves. John Wesley went to Georgia as a missionary from the SPG. The Baptist Mission Society was founded in 1792 by William Carey, missionary to India. The era of colonialism saw a proliferation of missionary societies in both Europe and North America. Some societies were run by denominations, but many were independent or ecumenical. In addition to recruiting, sending, and supporting missionaries, these societies promoted Bible translation and sent money and supplies to schools, hospitals, and orphanages. A counterpart to these Protestant missionary societies were the nineteenth-century Roman Catholic Missionary Orders. By the 1910 Edinburgh conference, Christianity was becoming a global religion.

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