Global Christianity Amalie Sieveking
(1794 - 1859)
Global Christianity

Educator and organizer of charitable work in the Inner Mission movement.

Amalie Sieveking was a leader in the Inner Mission. She established and organized humanitarian work in Germany, particularly the care of the sick. In Hamburg in 1831 she volunteered to alleviate the suffering brought on by a cholera plague, and later became the inspector for all the nurses in that city. She established a Women's Society for the Care of the Poor and Sick. This society had chapters in many German cities and worked in nursing, food distribution, assisting poor people to find employment, and the administration of poorhouses and children's hospitals. Sieveking also helped establish a Lutheran Order of deaconesses, with an emphasis on nursing care of the sick. She was influenced by Pietism to give spiritual and physical care to those in need.

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