Global Christianity Colonial settlement of Canada
Global Christianity

European expansion, including the planting of Christianity, led by French Catholics.

A colonial church in Canada

French Catholics explored and evangelized Canada and much of what is now the midwestern United States. French Catholic priests, such as Jean de Brébeuf, followed a mission strategy of adapting to and living or traveling with native peoples. The Jesuit Order was particularly well suited for this work, because its priests were trained to be mobile, adaptable, and willing to take any risk. The French also built settlements and cities, such as Quebec and Montreal. Leaders such as Bishop Laval helped build schools, churches, and hospitals which supported a Catholic culture. Canada came under British control in 1760, but Catholicism continued as a major force in shaping Canadian society. Among the Protestant groups to settle in Canada, the Church of England, Presbyterians, Methodists, and Mennonites became quite strong.

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